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Playground El Encinar

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Design and implementation of the playground of CEIP El Encinar, in Torrelodones (Madrid). Project carried out together with the architecture studio Nacho Gias.

The main idea of ​​the project is to provide students a playing area where they can develop creativity, with an open design without standardized elements where they can investigate and invent their own games. In this way, the space is divided into two large areas: a soccer field and a playground. Although the soccer field is a space for a game with very specific rules, we break that idea with the inclusion of a labyrinth in the center and, painting its areas of a solid color, the spectrum opens up to traditional games like the the handkerchief. The playground is considered as a space where children create their own universe. The intention of this area is to foster the creativity and imagination of children, who are the ones who invent their own codes, games and rules.

The project is based on the photographs of Martha Cooper, in her book “Street Play”, where children are shown inventing all kind of games in street and non-regulated spaces. It is a project around the child’s look and ability to create new situations. In this way, it gives a series of tracks, such as routes, meeting points, twists, areas, etc. where children can generate their own rules. This task constitutes a game in itself. By not setting a ruled game, the imagination of the users acquires a wider space for development.