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Nacho Gias Studio

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corporate identity and graphic applications (corporate stationery, project dossier, blueprint drawer, RRSS …) for Nacho Gias architecture studio.

Nacho Gias Studio’s mission is to create unique, functional and beautiful spaces. Its commitment to design materializes in the development of customized projects. They create unique  spaces that spatially solve the way of life of each user in comfortable and functional environments.

For the development of identity, we worked with the concepts of simplicity and functionalism, thus obtaining a simple and pregnant symbol based on the initials of the study itself and its relationship with the world of architecture. Its reticulated construction from the initials, ends up giving rise to a more balanced and harmonious isotype that comes from the comparison of the first one with a building, where we found the foundation on one side (not noticeable in the day-to-day traffic of the city) and the construction we all perceive.