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Design and organization of the exhibition-tribute to Forges, hosted during the months of March and April 2017 at the Matadero Madrid Design Center. Design and production of the catalog, of which 100 numbered units were edited with a black cardboard cover finished with a dry etching of Forges´s signature.

The exhibition began with an open call and emerges as a small tribute to his way of thinking, open and inclusive, in which everyone had a place. Forges dedicated more than 50 years to make us think, exactly 54. For each of them, the exhibition includes a poster made by a friend, an admirer or anyone who used to dive in twitter every morning on the way to work to see the cartoon of the day.

Disparity of messages and graphic elements or techniques (from photography to illustration, through painting, drawing or digital design). A single message that Forges himself wrote years ago and that could function perfectly as his epitaph: “He lived so close to heaven, that in the end he went to him.”