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Autoedita o Muere

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Naming, corporate identity and application development for Autoedita o Muere collective (Self-publish or Die).

Although considered a collective, Autoedita o Muere is, above all, a philosophy, a way of understanding the design linked to society. It was conceived of the common concerns of a small group of friends based in Madrid. Interested from the first moment by the alternative methods of dissemination of culture, they firmly believe that design and communication are fundamental tools that should always be available to people.

They carry out projects such as workshops, self-published material exchange events, exhibitions,… in which cultural design and self-publishing is proposed as a strong alternative to commercial design and consumption. They have held events and exhibitions in numerous cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Salamanca and Leon, and held exhibitions in Cultural Spaces such as Central de Diseño de Matadero Madrid, MUSAC in León or the public library of La Casa de Las Conchas in Salamanca.