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Agitadores VS Estampadores

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Design and organization of the exhibition Agitadores vs Estampadores, hosted between the months of July and September 2014 at Central de Diseño de Matadero Madrid.

In 1968 the walls of Paris were filled with posters, slogans and revolutionary propaganda. These images were made by professors, students and workers in the “Popular Workshops” occupied by the School of Fine Arts, with basic techniques such as serigraphy, lithography and stencil. The artists considered the posters to be “weapons at the service of the struggle, […] an inseparable part of it, placing them at the center of the conflict, that is, in the streets and walls of the factories”. Estampadores de conciencia is a tribute to this basic, egalitarian and direct expression that is still alive due to its expressive and vindictive power.

Agitadores VS Estampadores emerges from the collaboration of two projects: Agitadores de Conciencia (exhibition of social posters curated by Ofelio Serpa) and Estampadores de Conciencia which completes the tandem with the use of stencils. The result is more than 300 works in which the message comes as the main fact of the exhibition.