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6º Encuentro BID

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The “BID Teaching and Design Meeting” is a platform for meeting, debate and coordination of the Ibero-American community of Design Teaching Centers, convened by DIMAD within the framework of the Ibero-American Design Biennial. It is a biannual event hosted at the Design Center of Matadero Madrid which emphasizes the encounter and creative enjoyment, with important international guests. A place to share strategies and bring the culture of design to society. It aims to approach the contents of design and the ways of participation of educational centers in design as generators of knowledge, raising meetings and debates to present, question and analyze management models and experiences of training processes.

In this 6th edition, under the motto “Futures”, conferences and activities revolve around three thematic axes: Social innovation, the role of the designer when the user also designs and new ways of generating and sharing knowledge. For it, Blenk has created an Identity based on the motto, where a pictogram of a person advancing is appreciated, which represents the future itself, in whose head a large eye is.